Leadership is about the traits not the person
The good leaders care about what they do for others. Their priority is to determine how to constantly better the environment for the people around them. These leaders understand how to balance emotion with reason and make decisions that create a positive impact. Making good choices in difficult situations is no small feat because they involve unpredictability.
Leaders are people who make things happen
Successful leaders don’t have an air of uncertainty around them. They are capable of communicating the goals to others. A passionate leader cares not only about the cause but also the people who are working towards the cause.

When a leader is caring it means he or she is listening to the thoughts of the people they lead. When leaders take the time to communicate and express how much they value their team, the people around them feel the need to perform better and take charge.
Leadership is collaborative
Insightful leaders are tuned into the people who work around them. They can sense when individuals are feeling motivated and challenge them accordingly. Leaders who hold themselves as well as the people around them responsible are the best kind.
There are no bad crews, only bad leaders
Leading by example is the mark of an effective leader. But sustaining the effectiveness of a leadership is a task every leader faces. It requires constant observation and seeing beyond the bottom line.

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