Francis Anthony - A leader who was born out of a challenge
Leaders are people whose contributions create positive ripples and effect change. Their constant need to innovate and lead a team from behind makes them priceless.
Leaders are made not born
An alumnus of the Fujitsu Scholarship Program, Francis Anthony is one such leader. With a background in English Literature and 15 years of experience in Technical Writing, Francis is resourceful to his organization. The fact that his employer was supportive of him and felt the need for him to improve made him confident.

Excited about the new experience that awaited him, Francis began the research for his Capstone Project. He created a knowledge management system that helps improve processes and standards within his organization. He later implemented this in his own organization.
Commencement of Francis’s Fujitsu Scholarship journey
Francis’s first stop in the Fujitsu Scholarship Program was Japan. Japanese cuisine and hospitality won him over. But by the time he made friends and started getting comfortable, it was time begin the Hawaii module.

"I have never packed and unpacked so much in my life" says Francis.
Though Francis loved the Hawaii portion of the program which focused on liberal arts, he mentions that this was the most rigorous of them all. Studying, travelling and managing one’s health, all at the same time is part of the Fujitsu Scholarship Program apart from performing well. While in Laos, Francis had the chance to meet policy makers and administrators who discussed their economy and development plans with him. The Fujitsu Scholarship Program is not only about being able to work and live with a group of people, it also focuses on group productivity.
"I’m more sensitive to people and politics now. I have realized how important it is to understand the people dynamics in an organization" – Francis.

The Program encourages diversity by constantly making the fellows regroup on different subjects. For Francis, the experience is what mattered and he is happy that he made the right choice at the right time. Having won many awards during the course, Francis feels that the biggest takeaway is the opportunity to network.

At the end of an exciting 3 and a half months, Francis completed his Capstone Project and successfully implemented it in his department.

His prototype turned into a full-fledged system that the whole organization followed.

Francis concludes by giving future fellows a quick tip on getting the best out of the Fujitsu Scholarship Program.

"I would ask future fellows to have fun and learn as much as possible from the experience. Genuine friendships are important rather than superficial ones " adds Francis.
It’s never too late to challenge yourself. Apply now for the Fujitsu Scholarship Program to explore your capabilities.