Experience Of A Banker Turned Techie That Goes Beyond Words
It is correctly said that, "Experience is the best source of Knowledge." And Tapas Mani Shyam, Alumnus of 2016 spring batch of Fujitsu Scholarship Program would agree to it completely.

Currently settled in Sydney, Australia, Tapas is working with an IT firm based out of India. His experience at the Fujitsu Scholarship Program was a combination of soft and hard skills. Interacting and networking with people from different nations and knowing the eastern culture have been the key takeaways for Tapas.

"One has to understand the entire program end-to-end in order to get the complete picture. It can’t be defined simply by words, one has to experience it," says Tapas.
Why did Tapas choose the Fujitsu Scholarship Program?
For Tapas, the program’s curriculum is detailed, and he finds the cross-cultural element and multi-location classroom unique. According to Tapas, our education system and lifestyle is predominantly an adaptation of the western culture, we are not aware of eastern culture which is highly collaborative in nature.

"An opportunity to experience the cultures of 4 countries was one of the fundamental reasons why I joined the program." - Tapas Mani Shyam.
Key takeaways from the program
Tapas admits that the curriculum is a proper balance of the eastern and western philosophies. It provides a proper exposure of the two styles in terms of the pros and cons. Here are a number of key takeaways that he carried back home:
1. An in-depth knowledge of the Japanese working style and culture which was intriguing
2. Exposure to numerous ideas through networking with guest lecturers and knowledgeable folks

"The experience you gather along the way is what helps in terms of broadening your perspective," says Tapas.
Real life transformations through the program
The first-hand experience of the culture helped this Alumnus become more humble and gain collaborative perspective. Tapas was able to gather immense tolerance which reflects in his professional life as well. "Now I consider myself to be quite capable of handling almost all sorts of work environments and navigate my way through all set of work settings," he adds.
Tapas’s experiential journey is one of its kind. If you wish to experience a similar kind of journey, apply for the Fujitsu Scholarship Program today.