A Journey That Left Behind A Trail...
The only impossible journey is the one you never begin
Every journey has its ups and downs. But very few of us enjoy the exploration and end up creating something that is impactful to the society. Robin Banerjee, an Alumnus of the Fujitsu Scholarship Program traversed a similar journey.

Robin, belongs to batch of the Fujitsu Scholarship Program. He has a degree from NIT Durgapur and 12 years of IT experience. When Robin planned on joining the program, he was in Dubai working in Sales & Marketing. Hailing from a non-business background, Robin’s burning desire to study business stemmed from his entrepreneurial skills. His inclination to receive international exposure and study international law was what drove him to apply for the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge program.

After being selected to the Fujitsu Scholarship Program, Robin's next task at hand was to submit a powerful and impactful project. Little did he know then that his Capstone Project would shape his future and mould him into what he is today.

Robin’s Capstone Project research was on the awareness & effects of Ozone depletion/ UV rays. Being socially aware, he wanted to create a product that could be used by anyone and everyone. The result of which was a UV protective apparel that contains a colour changing pigment when subjected to UV rays. With the seed of a huge project in mind, Robin packed his bags to visit Japan where the course module began in full swing. He fell in love with the place and its people whom he found to be extremely welcoming and accommodative.

His Capstone Project moved forward with help from mentors and batch mates who guided him. Subjects like International Finance, Knowledge Management and Philosophy propelled him in the direction he wanted. The Hawaii module played a huge part in helping Robin understand his project even further. The fact that skin cancer awareness in Hawaii is high was an added advantage.
The program has enabled him to see the global picture and also think big. His understanding of customers has increased multifold.

"The Fujitsu Scholarship Program has motivated me. It helped me gain the strength to start something on my own. I needed the challenge," Robin adds.

He feels that he now knows a lot about global reforms since the curriculum was completely field driven. As Product & Services together were captured well in the program, Robin could explore the development of his product in various directions. Fujitsu Scholarship Program helped Robin implement his vision by guiding through the entire process of prototyping. Finance and Administration were not his strong suits and this is where the program played a major role in equipping him with what he longed for.

Robin received accolades for his achievements and is extremely happy that his work has been recognized.

"What I started as a Capstone Project is being continued now. I am thankful to the Fujitsu Scholarship Program for helping me create awareness in the society for a critical issue," says Robin sportively.
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